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Povenmire, Dan and Grafft, Aliki - Extra-Ordinary
  • Extra-Ordinary

  • by Povenmire, Dan and Grafft, Aliki

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Here is the demo of the song “Extraordinary Girl” , written by Dan Povenmire and myself for the episode “Great Balls of Water”..featuring Dan and I singing it!!! (Don’t laugh at my singing! can laugh)

Here is a link to the final version, sung by Ashley Tisdale, composed by Danny Jacobs!

Well, if this new-fangled “animation” thing doesn’t work out for Dan and Aliki, they should definitely cut an album together.

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  • Swampy: The thing that still makes me laugh out loud from pitch to when it finally got on the air, is the bizarre ways we have Doof not able to recognize Perry.
  • Dan: The first time we did that I was like, "oh we've got to use this again" and we ended up all over the place. My favorite of that was probably when his old professor is visiting, and he's introducing her to his nemesis and Perry is in the chair, he's trapped there and he just doesn't have the hat on, and she's like "What do you mean that's your nemesis, he doesn't even have a hat!" and he looks at him and he "No no, I think that's still him! I get fooled by that a lot of times but that's still him." Then he undoes him and he doesn't do anything, and he's like, "Come on, thwart me, Perry the Platypus! Thwart away!" And he still doesn't do anything, and he looks at him and goes "Oh I guess that's just a regular platypus, I could have sworn that was him!" We've figured out that he has this sort of learning disability with recognizing Perry and he goes all the way around to the other end to not realizing it was Perry again, I loved that. That made me really happy.
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one of my favorite things about fandom is that the exchange of intellectual and creative property is a legitimate form of gift giving. like ‘i’m so enchanted by you, i love you, let me tell you a story’

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